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24000BTU ACDC hybrid solar inverter air conditioner for household or industrial use
solar air conditioner

24000BTU ACDC hybrid solar inverter air conditioner for household or industrial use

Recreate ACDC hybrid solar inverter air conditioner embraces solar DC and AC electricity as hybrid power input.This unique solar air conditioner technology requires no inverter,no controller and start saving up to 97% cooling/heating costs during the day time!
Model No.:RC-ADC24GW-XA
Specification:Indoor Unit 1160*390*300
Outdoor Unit1020*430*755(mm)
Application Area:30-45 M²
Power:Solar + electricity
HS Code:8415102210
Product Detail

ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner——X series


Product details


How does the ACDC hybrid solar air conditioner work ?

Hybrid Solar air conditioner means air conditioner use solar power and city on-grid electricity as a combination.

It has 3 kinds of work modes as below:

  • Only use solar power

  • Use solar power and electricity power together

  • Only use on-grid electricity power

★ If installed with batteries,the AC units can also have a power store when the DC solar power is surplus,and then charge the AC units the the DC solar power is not enough.

The order of energy use is solar power,batteries,on-grid electricity power.



Product highlights

1.100% efficiency of solar power consumption ,not a bit of energy waste

2.Solar DC and city electricity AC are hybrid power input,automatic and seamless switching between with solar input as priority to cut the most of electricity bills

3.Full DC system,high efficiency ,SEER up to 23

4.Wide range of AC input,50/60Hz,160V-270V,meet the remote network voltage instability area

5.Wide range of ambient temperature:-15℃~58℃, Meet T3 work environment

6.No batteries /inverter/controller needed,lower investment than DC off-grid type

7.Eco-Friendly R410/R32 Refrigerant

8.Easy installation,connect directly with solar panels

9.Intelligent power supply display,real-time update of power input

10.Regular solar panels can be used,3-10 pcs can be freely embraced

11.Washable filters

12.Digital wireless remote

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