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18000BTU DC off-grid split solar air conditioner
solar DC air conditioner

18000BTU DC off-grid split solar air conditioner

DC off-grid solar air conditioner,ideal for areas and regions lack/short of power,especially for remote telecom stations,container houses,motor houses,remote locations,load shedding places,boating and island locations,etc.Making people enjoy the cooling and refreshing anywhere.
Product Detail

DC off-grid Solar Air Conditioner——Saving 100% electricity


What is solar air conditioner ?

Eco friendly air conditioner is becoming a necessity of modern life, which can greatly improve the quality of life for people. Recreate Solar Air Conditioner (Aircon) takes the solar energy as the power source and is an environment friendly & energy saving product. It can help people enjoy the air conditioner freely and economic ally in places short of power supply or with high cost electricity!

Products highlights

1.All DC generation & operating ,no inverter needed .

2.Use a combination of solar power and battery storage ,no worry of the waste of DC energy

3.High energy efficiency up to SEER 23

4.Variable capacity and low noise (as low as 26dB)

5.Low voltage protection to avoid over discharge of batteries

6.Automatic energy-saving operation at low-power mode

7.Eco-Friendly R410/R32 Refrigerant

8.Easy installation,connect directly with solar panels

9.Washable filters

10.Digital wireless remote

Product Specification


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